"Proud of your own lines"

Hand-drawn body portraits
your lines Every body is different, beautiful and normal

Is my body normal?

This is a question that concerns many women on a daily basis. Not surprising either, since a lot of unrealistic images are shown in the media and on the internet. As a result, many women are convinced that their bodies differ from what is normal and beautiful. The naked pencil wants to change that… How you might ask? I would like to tell you more about body portraiture.

About The naked pencil

"I started The naked pencil to contribute to a more positive self-image among women! By celebrating yourself and improving your relationship with your body. But not only that, I want to show a diversity of bodies and change the image of the unrealistic ideal of beauty."

The reasons why

There are many reasons why every woman should own a portrait of herself. Here you can read my five favorites:

Body Portraiture

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Your experience with The naked pencil

Great quality

"Love it! The print looks great and the paper is such great quality! The order was shipped quickly and the care Elsa took with the packaging ensured the print arrived undamaged. Bonus: the package saw looks really cute. I can't recommend this amazing artist enough!"


Your experience with The naked pencil

Attention to detail

"Portrait of myself really exceeds all my expectations. The portrait hangs in my bedroom and I look at it every day. I feel very beautiful and proud to show my body! I feel very sexy because of the way Elsa draws me. Good friends also recognize my body immediately, which seems expressive. The portrait was delivered as a present! Elsa has a great eye for detail: both reflected in the portrait and the way she packs and sends the portrait. I can't wait for my next portrait!"


Your experience with The naked pencil

A present to receive

"Truly a fantastic and beautiful work of art. Beautifully and sweetly packaged. A real gift to receive."


Your experience with The naked pencil

Highly recommended!

"Beautiful print! You can see that this print is handmade and that the artist is a real artist. The feminine shapes are displayed very beautifully and sensually. Highly recommended! Very happy with it. The print hangs in our bedroom."


Your experience with The naked pencil

A real work of art

"It is such a beautiful drawing, when I received it, it was packed with great care and attention. The quality of the drawing is without doubt the highest one could wish for, the details, the flow of the lines and all the other things makes this a work of art."


Your experience with The naked pencil

Fantastic statement

"The print is beautiful and makes a fantastic statement on the wall. The paper is of good quality and the package arrived very quickly. I highly recommend The naked pencil!"


The naked pencil gallery

Take your time, look at both the differences and the similarities, re-evaluate what you consider "beautiful" or "normal" and come to the conclusion that every body is perfect just the way they are.

The naked pencil 'Sensual Black Series'

Portraits fineliner on paper. These and other works can be seen during the Art Exhibition from 24 March 2022 at Connect-U in Enschede.